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  • api/request_count
Metrics from Cloud Tasks

API requests 
DELTA, INT64, 1 Count of Cloud Tasks API calls. Sampled every 60 seconds. 
After sampling, data is not visible for up to 240 seconds. 
api_method:    The API method called (e.g. CreateTask). 

response_code: Canonical response code as string (e.g. 'ok').


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  • consumed_api
Display name: Consumed API
Description: An API used by customers.

project_id:    The identifier of the GCP project associated with this resource, 
               such as "my-project".
service:       The API service name, such as "cloudsql.googleapis.com".
method:        The API method name, such as "disks.list".
version:       The API version, such as "v1".
credential_id: The client credential ID, such as an API key ID or the OAuth client ID.
location:      The service specific notion of location. 
               This can be a name of a zone or region. 
If a service does not have any notion of zones then "global" can be used.




カテゴリ: gcp


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